Romanesco e inglese...
BUT WHAT ARE YOU STAY TO MAKE? = ma che te stai a fa'?
BUT WHO MAKES ME MAKES IT ... = ma chi me lo fa fa'
BUT OF WHAT ... = ma de che ...
WHO HAS BEEN SEEN, HAS BEEN SEEN = chi s'è visto s'è visto
WHO DOESN'T DIE, IS RESEEN = chi nun mòre s'arivede
HE'S CALLED "JACK COMES BACK" = si chiama "Pietro torna 'ndietro"
STAY BEEF! = stai manzo!
I DON'T CARE OF LESS = nun me ne pò fregà de meno
IF I CATCH YOU, I INFLATE YOU! = si te pijo te gonfio!
WE ARE AT HORSE = semo a cavallo
EVERYTHING MAKES SOUP = tutto fa brodo